7 ways you can promote your remedial math classes as a tutor

If you give remedial math classes, then there is probably high demand for your services. Whatever level you teach, math is something that many students and parents want some extra help for. If you go down the tutoring route, then there is a lot of potential for a decent income. This holds true whether you tutor with a company or do it on an individual basis. 

However, you can’t just say you’re a math tutor, and then expect to start making bank right away. You need to promote your services and make a name for yourself in the area. This is not a simple matter of talking to people at school or dropping your name off at your school’s tutoring program. You should treat your work like a small business, and market it accordingly. Here are a few tips to help you get started. 

Share flyers around schools

The first thing you should do is make some nice flyers. Use the tutor flyer templates on PosterMyWall to create these, and print out many copies. Share these around town, especially with parents and students near the biggest schools in the area. 

Place stacks of these posters in local businesses as well, with the proprietors’ permission, of course. Also use this flyer as online marketing collateral across your digital marketing mediums. 

Make short math videos

Video content is a hit these days. You’ve probably seen those YouTube videos where people give quick explainers of complex math concepts. Do something similar, targeted at the grade level you tutor. Give easy solutions or a comprehensive explainer for common math problems. 

Then, talk about your tutoring services and how viewers can get in touch with you. This will serve as a teaser for potential clients and also showcase your knowledge of the subject matter. You can even share fun math facts related to the history and culture of the discipline. This will make you stand out, and capture more interest. Run these videos on Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube. 

Put up student testimonials

If you’ve already tutored a few students, then it’s time to get in touch with them. Get them or their parents to share their positive experiences with you. This can be in the form of written testimonials or short videos. 

Then, share these testimonials on your online platforms. Also put one or two choice ones on your printed flyers, to increase your appeal. Make sure these are legit testimonials, so that your reputation remains intact and you get more customers. Ask old and existing customers to spread the word about your services as well. Word of mouth can go a long way in tutoring services. 

Work on your social media marketing

Never ignore social media in your marketing endeavors. Work on your professional profiles, and make sure you have your list of services up there. Give details about your classes, and whether you offer them online, offline, or both. 

Share your areas of expertise, and what grade level you cater to. In addition, talk about your availability, and encourage your students and their parents to participate in discussions on your social media pages as well. Work on making your profiles look polished and professional. This way, you can set up a legit math tutoring operation on a larger scale. 

Offer deals on multiple sessions

Sometimes, nothing works better than deals and discounts. So, entice your customers in this manner. Offer discounts if people sign up for multiple classes. In addition, offer discounts for early signups. These discounts and bundles will add a sense of urgency and value to your marketing. 

Then, people will be more likely to sign up, and you can get bulk signups. Make sure you don’t cut your rates too much, however. Otherwise, that will defeat the purpose. 

Set up easy payment systems

People often prefer online payment systems for most of the services they avail. So, if you’re still operating on cash, you need to change that. Set up Venmo, or some other easy payment portal for your clients. You can also add this to your social media profiles or website. 

This will make it easier for your clients to sign up for your classes. It will also make it easier for you to track your income and grow your remedial math tutoring business.  

Fix your Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile can really put you on the map. Add your tutoring service as a Google Business Profile, and then fill in all the relevant details. This includes the area of service, industry, and price range. 

This way, when people search for remedial math classes in their area, your name will come up on Google. This will add a level of legitimacy and also get you more traction. 

So, there are many ways you can market your remedial math classes as a tutor. None of these require marketing expertise or anything like that, so you can get started right away. 

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